Federico Damborsky

Music Composer & Sound Designer

"Pushing the boundaries of storytelling through immersive soundscapes"


My Music

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Passionate, proactive, perfectionist, creative and constantly aiming for top notch quality. I am
a versatile composer and sound designer with several years of experience working for various
media, understanding the importance and impact that audio have in creating a fulfilling
experience. My goal is to enhance the experience of the game or film by making high quality music and sound that evokes emotion and moves you.


I am constantly working with many projects and people from all over the world, such as videogames, commercials, films, record labels, brands, artists, trailers, etc. I love to work with talented and passionate people, from whom I
can learn and become a better artist.


For any enquires or to schedule a quick meeting please e-mail me or send me a whatsapp at:


(+31) 0 681099391